Municipal “Waste Collection” Reception Center

Installing a specialized service call center for receiving applications regarding waste collection.
From our detailed and clear explanations, we were able to make improvements to this civil service.

Effects of Implementation

  • Improving civil services through careful explanations given by our operators
  • Making possible the consolidation of the voices of the residents
  • A call center with a staff configuration allowing for easy connection with fluctuations in call volume

Dissatisfied voices of residents from varying garbage collection services depending on the area, even after the merging

“S” City conducts noncombustible and bulk trash collection as part of its civil services. Recently, “S” City merged with the nearby municipality of “A” City, but after merging, there were still differences in telephone numbers of the garbage collection services of the two former cities and differences in items collected. They received complaints from residents dissatisfied with the services, claiming it “unacceptable to have different garbage collection systems in one city.” Handling these issues by quickly unifying operations and improving services became pressing.

Unifying service reception windows, and making possible the specialization of handling noncombustible/bulk trash collection reception

After merging, “S” City reviewed the administrative body of its garbage collection, and contemplated unifying services of the 2 different garbage collection application receptions within the city to make improvements to this civil service. After “S” City consulted NTT Marketing ACT, we proposed to install a “Noncombustible/Bulk Trash Collection Reception Center” (hereby referred to as the Center) using our abundant call center management know-how.

“S” City would be able to compile the reception histories (such as the contents of applications) of the Center into a database, enabling a smooth reception regardless of which operator receives the call, even if changes in and additions to application contents have been made, and to be able to make flexible staff configurations depending on fluctuations in incoming calls volumes. Appraising our proposal, they decided to entrust us to carry out their operations.

Actualizing the reduction of city expenditures at the same time, in addition to improving civil services

After installment of the Center, not only do operators handle trash collection applications, but they also carefully explain the correct way to take out non-combustibles and bulk trash to the residents. As the staff configuration is able to be adjusted with the season and the days of the week to meet the fluctuation in the volume of incoming calls, the Call Center has become much easier to reach. In this way, while markedly improving civil services, we were able to reduce “S” City’s management costs. “S” City is considering data such as the contents of received applications to be the “voice of the residents”, and in order to improve convenience even further, they are carrying out service improvements such as extending business hours and starting internet applications.

Conceptual diagram of a Municipal “Waste Collection” Reception Center

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