Lodging Industry “Hotel Accommodations” Comprehensive Reservation Center

Merging reservation reception systems of affiliated hotels into one call center.
Enhanced service quality, and also succeeded in raising sales from the prevention of losses of potential reservations.

Effects of Implementation

  • Improvement of customer service by reducing the front desk workload
  • Raise in sales from the prevention of losses of potential reservations

Increases in call volumes leading to an issue in front desk reception leaving much to be desired

The hotel group “N” operates in West Japan, primarily in metropolitan areas. The front desk of each hotel handled telephone inquiries about accommodations, but response and reservation operations took time, and cases in which guests could not be waited upon increased. If there was no vacancy at one hotel, it was necessary to check the availability of the rooms at an affiliated hotel nearby, and while this increased front desk operations, it also made customers wait, and service quality decreased overall.

Merging inquiries and reservation operations into a call center

When “N” Group consulted NTT Marketing ACT, we applied our customer reception knowhow from our call center operations, and proposed the implementation of a “Hotel Accommodations” comprehensive reservation center that would handle inquiries and reservations for all affiliated hotels.

The “Hotel Accommodations” comprehensive reservation center (hereby referred to as the Center) centralizes reservations for accommodations handled by the front desks, checking room availability of the requested hotel carried out by dedicated operators. As a result of Center operations and personnel training being completely handled by NTT Marketing ACT, from the start of implementation, there is virtually no burden on the client. Furthermore, through the implementation of a CTI system, fine-tuned reception is possible from reception and usage histories. Upon hearing our proposal, “N” Group saw the relationship between raising the efficiency of operation and raising service quality, and with high appraisals, decided to implement our services.

Sales increases, service quality improvements, versatile results

The Center was installed at Hotel “A” at the core of “N” Group’s operations. With the front desks linked to the Center, they succeeded in precise reception more promptly, and improving service quality.

Furthermore, in order for the reservation statuses of each affiliated hotel to be unitarily ascertained, introductions to affiliated hotels with vacancies are able to be provided immediately, if the desired hotel has no vacancies. Thus sales are raised from the prevention of losses of potential reservations.

Also, in the case of a complaint, the operator receives it first, and after thoroughly understanding its nature, forwards it to the front desk, shortening the time to its resolution. Such versatile results come through clearly.

Conceptual Diagram of a “Hotel Accommodations” Comprehensive Reservation Center

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