Transportation Industry “Home Delivery/Pick-up Services & Inquiries” Reception Center

Centralization of Telephone Reception from Customers into a call center.
Actualizing a system of “no waiting time from busy lines,” erasing customer dissatisfaction.

Effects of Implementation

  • Improvement of client services by eliminating waiting times
  • Improvement productivity by implementing a system to dispatch collection information
  • Optimization of operations through condensing to one point of reception

Not having kept up with the demands of calling customers resulted in an increase in complaints

“S” company has set up its offices nationwide, and it has expanded its delivery services. The company had been taking calls from customers, such as “requests for pick up,” “delivery time inquiries,” and “package tracking information” at each of the branch offices. They often had to call the cellular phones of the drivers, and as a result, other operations at the office were interrupted, and they also received many complaints, such as “the lines are always busy,” or “the telephone customer service is not satisfactory.”

Unifying telephone reception at a call center, and boosting response quality

When NTT Marketing ACT was consulted by “S” company, we suggested the “S” company to establish a “Home Delivery/Pick-up Services & Inquiries” Reception Center in order to unify telephone reception into one call center, instead of taking calls from customers at each office.

By unifying the telephone reception into one call center, a “Home Delivery/Pick-up Services & Inquiries” Reception Center would not only help to reduce the operations at each branch office, but also would help to build a “customer information database” including, reception history and pick up records with the employment of a CTI system. With this system, pick up request information which operators obtain from customers is automatically sent to branch offices and to drivers immediately, and the delivery information from drivers is automatically sent to the reception center as well.

By exchanging information between the reception center and on-site delivery location in real time, speedy and accurate customer service which does not make our customers wait is actualized. It was the best solution for “S” company.

Improvement in service is a matter of course, but strengthening management strategy is also a great merit

Having considered our proposal, “S” company decided to hurriedly implement it. Because of the high quality customer service offered by the operators at the reception center, the complaints, such as “the lines are always busy,” or “the telephone customer service is not satisfactory” reduced dramatically. The system of unifying pick-up and delivery request information into one reception center made inquiries about the packages able to be handled promptly through one call, and the quality of services from the company as a whole greatly improved.

Furthermore, at “S” company, the voices of customers, such as requests and complaints that have been compiled through the CTI system, are put to good use with visible effects, in building their future business strategies and more.

Conceptual diagram of a “Home Delivery/Pick-up Services & Inquiries” Reception Center

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