Municipal “General Guidance” Call Center

Installing a comprehensive guidance call center to improve civil services.
Implemented FAQ system (database to support replies) enabling receipt of precise answers more promptly, thus improving civil satisfaction.

Effects of Implementation

  • Implementation of a FAQ system, so anyone can receive calls and provide a unified quality of service
  • By offering not just a telephone service, but through a Web, FAX and e-mail service, the actualization of a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year reception is made available
  • System strengthens day by day from operators linked with your employees to add and make changes to the FAQ

Considering the installation of a call center to handle all matters of questions from civilians

Application of the CRM marketing strategy in business constructs a long-term relationship of trust with residents (customers), and this approach, when oriented toward civilians by government bodies called “Municipal CRM” has been attracting attention in recent years.

In response to such current trends, “K” City which is renowned throughout Japan as a tourist city, contemplated the installation of a call center to handle all matters of inquiries, with the means of improving administrative services at the request of its residents.

Until then, inquiries from residents had been individually handled by each department, but remarks such as “I don’t know where to ask”, “I keep getting sent around and around”, and “service isn’t offered in the evening or on weekends” kept on being heard. In addition, the workload and time of the civil servants kept being spent, and it was necessary to quickly confront and optimize inquiry operations and improve civil services.

Providing unified services: installing the “City Administrative Information General Guidance Call Center”

When “K” City consulted NTT Marketing ACT about installing a call center, in accordance with the serious consideration the city gave to the satisfaction of their residents, we proposed the implementation of a “City Administrative General Information Guidance Call Center” (hereby known as the Center), adding telephones, FAX, e-mail, Web support and more, for reception available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At the Center, an “FAQ system” (hereby referred to as FAQ) database to support replies aids operator responses. From referencing the FAQ, operators become able to provide precise answers more promptly when receiving an inquiry similar to another, and such results as the curtailment of differences in instructions depending on the operator are also able to be expected. Furthermore, a policy for the improvement and maintenance of reception quality, incorporating efforts to improve the retention rate of operators so that anyone can receive calls and provide a unified same quality service was included in the proposal. The bountiful potential results and our experience-based proposal received high praise, and implementation was decided.

Actualizing a response efficacy rate of over 95% for inquiries

It was clear to see the efficacy of installing the Center through the high level of satisfaction of the residents. Inquiries were able to be answered on the spot, or able to be answered through a return phone call, and the resolution rate of “above 95%” served as a testimony.

Operators were connected directly to the civil servants of “K” City, and if there was any question about the FAQ, the civil servant could make an inquiry, receive a reply, and make additions and changes to the FAQ, and the FAQ linked to the department would thus be improved, and the resolution rate would increase further still, raising the level of the satisfaction of the residents.

Conceptual diagram of a Municipal “General Guidance” Call Center

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